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About Us.
Who are we ? What do wo do ?

First, we are french. Which is not really important except that our mother language has a large and precise set of typographic rules. This is the reason why we developed and manage the Markdown Extended package.

Then we are geeks. Not so much but still a little. That is the reason why we use and support new great open source projects like Bootstrap or Composer.

Finally, we support the open source concept. That is the reason why we developed a Bash library, a own PHP framework (well, thin and very simple but it works fine ;) and a lot of other packages under open source licences.

For more infos about our processes and coding rules, see our docbook.

Piero Wbmstr

About the boss.

Well, I should have said "About Me" 'cause in fact I am alone in this story :(
I manage all our packages, mostly during my extra-work time, to the chagrin of my wife and of my double-bass.

I'm a jazz bassist and web developer ... what else ?

Pierre Cassat aka Piero Wbmstr aka @piwi

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